Public Works, Water & Sewer Department

Public Works, Electric, Water, and Sewer Department

712 Blue Mounds St., Black Earth
Public Works Director: Matt Kahl
Phone  (608)767-2063

** For after-hours public works, water, or sewer department emergencies, please call (608) 843-0428

The Public Works Department strives to continuously improve the quality of life for Village residents through a responsive, efficient, safe, and effective delivery of services and by reflecting a can-do attitude with our residents. Our Public Works Department maintains the sewer system, streets, and parks in our Village. They provide effective street maintenance-which includes street sweeping, snow plowing, sanding, blacktop patching, and seal coating of the Village Streets. 

The Public Works Department is one of the most important aspects of any community and yet often one of the least recognized. It could be said that the only way most people would realize the necessity of the work done by Public Works would be if the work was not done at all. So long as the streets are maintained, parks are kept up in good condition, gas, water, and sewer are not a problem at your house, and garbage or debris is not littering the neighborhood, most citizens have little reason to care who does the work or how it gets done. Public Works employees realize this and gladly accept the fact that as long as the job is well done they may quietly go about their business making the Village of Black Earth a better place to live, work, and play.

Hours  Monday - Friday  7:30am-12:00pm and 12:30pm-4:00pm

Public Works employees:  Matt Kahl-Director of Public Works, Tony Danz, Luke Schoenemann, Paul Fosshage. 



Sewer Exception Process - Pool Filling, Lawn Watering


As the warmer days approach, please be aware of an Important update for pool filling and lawn watering. Manually recording water used for lawn watering or pool filling will no longer be accepted for any type of sewer adjustment! In order to qualify for a sewer adjustment, you must rent a meter. The meter is $25/month and the sewer adjustment will be applied to your utility bill after the meter is returned. Call 608-767-2563 to request a rental meter.