Snow Removal


The Village of Black Earth ordinance 236-6 regarding snow and ice removal states that it shall be the duty of each owner or occupant of any building or ground in the Village of Black Earth to remove from the sidewalk adjacent to the premises, within 24 hours after the end of any snow, sleet, rain or hail storm, all snow and ice which may have fallen or accumulated thereon during said storm.

Ordinance 236-7 states that property owners are prohibited from allowing any snow, ice, slush or combination thereof to be shoveled, plowed, dumped, pushed or in any manner on a public street, alley sidewalk or thoroughfare in the Village at any time. Be sure to keep fire hydrants and paths to them clear of snow, sleet or ice throughout the winter.


Heavy snowstorms may create emergency conditions making it difficult for police, fire, and medical vehicles to safely respond to emergencies. During a snow emergency, no person shall park any vehicle on a street, alley or public parking lot during the period of the snow emergency, or immediately thereafter, until streets, alley or public parking can be cleared of snow.